New Collection: AMAZONA FESTIVA by SAHA Swimwear January 30 2015

A new collection, AMAZAONA FESTIVA awaits you in store!


Colombia holds more bird species than any other country in the world. More than 1900 species fill the sky with exquisite feathers and bring harmony to jungles and forest with their melodic chants. They feed our souls, inspire us to create art and poetry and allow us to dream about flying. The colors and texture of their plumage as well as their natural habitat are the inspiration to AMAZONA FESTIVA. This is our tribute to them and to Colombia; The country of birds. 




Preservation Message:

Between The Andes and clouds, hides one of the biggest treasures of wild life, Birds. Within the mountains, life flourishes giving place to hundreds of Birds species. Many of them unique, endemic from Colombia and unfortunately endangered. Captivity and deforestation threatens our birds. Their habitat has been disrupted.

Some species such as parrots have seen their environment altered and more specially their nesting sites. This is why SAHA joins efforts with PROAVES Foundation, as part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment.

For every product you buy from groups Macagua, Baudo and Miriti, PROAVES will receive $1 USD for the making and placing of artificial nest, “Adopt A Nest” is a protection project that seeks recuperation of bird in danger of extinction. By providing them the nests they cannot longer build due to the environmental detriment caused by mankind.

Since December 2003 PROAVES has documented the occupation of 170 nest by 5 of the species subject of study and conservation. Numbers that we will like to increase with this campaign.

Birds are one of the biggest gifts from nature. This is why SAHA invites everyone to be conscious of the importance of this species. Their freedom and protection of their habitat are essential to the balance of ecosystems of our planet!


Join us in this adventure to save our birds by embracing AMAZONA FESTIVA!