Invitation to ask for Swimwear Sponsorship August 08 2017

This season, Bella Kini has started to response to calls for swimwear sponsorship again but with a simple request: The beauty contestants who receive the sponsorship must be willing to take part in beach cleaning initiative organize by their organizer. The beach cleaning initiative is not so much about the beach but more about who they are, what is their voice for the environment and what are they willing to give to bring joy to others.

We believe that when the contestants walk down the coast line doing this beautiful work that is put to their hand, they will find the true meaning to this initiative. We all have a heart for the environment especially with the news on global warming and climate change. Let us all remember this gift of nature that is given to us at no condition, and start do our part to make it a lifestyle to bring joy back to the nature.

This may be the furthest journey that Bella Kini can bring this global message to the hearts and souls of you whose true beauty lies in your inner strength, but we believe you have a powerful voice that will move this message beyond.

We welcome your email to ask for Swimwear sponsorship if your committee do have a heart for the greater joy beyond yours. Write to us and we will be glad to work with you.

With Love,

Bella Kini