Ocean Voice of NTU Biological Science Club September 25 2017

With gladness, Bella Kini is given the honor to sow another 16 seeds of giving to 16 NTU students with a small sponsorship for their D&D. They will be the powerful voice of giving beyond themselves when their time comes. May that seed of giving grows mightily in each and everyone of them.

Hear their ocean voice and see how a simple act of beach cleaning sow a seed of giving beyond themselves.

May we start to see more and more businesses who are willing to give to the student's bodies. Let us give with the hope that one day when they are in the marketplace with a position to give, they will choose to give because they've once receive.

 Here's a glimpse of their stage performance with the swim trunks and pareo from Bella Kini.


And, we will also like to thank the team for such great deliverables with authenticity that truly moves our heart.

If you like how the ladies dress themselves in a simple cloth called pareo, here's a wonderful video by them to share 8 simple ways to transform a simple cloth called Pareo into a handy outfit.

 Thank you NTU, Biological Science Club.