A Cozy and Intimate Swimwear Boutique and Brand Distributor, where time seems to come to a halt and you are free to indulge 
Bella Kini, which name suggests,
has inspired a warm and cozy retail space, a relaxing atmosphere where time seems to momentarily come to a halt. A moment for our lady to feel good and feel beautiful in Swim - the exact message that Bella Kini wants to convey since it's first retail boutique in July 2004.

At Bella Kini, our retailers work with a wide selection of International swim brands that work to provide Style and Fit at Affordable prices. They are inclined to provide product guidance and approach our lady with sincerity and warmth, making her feel at ease in the fitting room. The fitting room is the place where she find her prefect swim; a piece that brings out her style and has details to work on her proportions. When in it, she struts and glows with confidence. That's when she knows that "It's the one!" and she will leave the store feeling prettier & happier.

Bella Kini's captivating Swim collection and impeccable fitting experience has won her many public recognition. Voted as the Best Bikini Stop by CLEO Fashion Award 2010 and Cozy Cot Holy Grail Fashion Award 2011, Bella Kini was also featured on Razor TV, Fashion Ambush, CLEO, Cosmopolitan and other Fashion Magazines. Official Swimwear Sponsor for Miss Singapore Universe 2008, Bella Kini continues to prefect the Swim experience of ladies.

Whether you are someone who is looking for your prefect Swim or retailer who will love to have our handpicked International Swim brand in your store, you are invited into Bella Kini where an array of tasteful International Swim collection awaits you. Feel free to talk to us or even visit us, we love to hear from you! In the meantime, let's keep in touch via Bella Kini's Instagram and Facebook.

To all of you, from all of us, Thank you and Happy Shopping with BELLA KINI!

  Bella Kini