How to get the prefect fit?

Some women have never experienced a personal Swimwear fitting and Bella Kini is something unique in the area.

Bella Kini don't simply present International Swim brands to you, we understand the brand's design approach and guide you to

distinct pieces of Chic and Stylish Swim and Beachwear that you will love to wear. You are encouraged to explore the

different brands to find your perfect Swim Fit.

Finding the perfect fit isn't just about size; it's about your best comfort and bringing out your proportions when in the Swimwear.

We've always some ideas on that, feel free to talk to us.

If you are shopping online with no prior experience with the brands that Bella Kini presents, you might like to refer to the

sizing chart when choosing the size or check with us. All measurements are in centimeters. It is possible for different brands

to have a slight difference in their measurements for the same sizing label.

To facilitate your shopping experience, we're always contactable and will be happy to change the size for you or

help you with Alter to Fit service in store should you find the product to be less than fitting.


"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportion." - Coco Chanel